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I was given my project in college about 2 weeks ago and have nearly finished my first draft. But im stuck :(. I have no idea what to write in the methodology because i was given this in college and have no prepared any questionnaire or anything !.
Any useful hints are much appreciated


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    You could put something in along the lines of this

    This report was prepared on a case study simulation supplied by Association of Accounting Technicians.

    I studied the case and looked for any obvious improvements I could make and to identify the areas that needed improving I prepared a SWOT analysis on the current systems in place and the accounts department as seen in the appendices.

    I wrote a list to what improvements were needed and researched in books, on the internet, and spoke to people who worked in an accounting environment to find the best recommendations.

    To understand the case study I found out exactly what was in place, the problems that were occurring and the best solution as included in this report.
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