Jourmal narratives

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i am doing an assignment in which i have to prepare a journal to correct the following error :

Carriage is given as £5144 and of the carriage costs £2211 represents carriage inwards and £2933 represents carriage out

so this is how i would correct the error

DR £2111 carriage inwards
Dr £2933 carriage outwards
CR £5144 carriage

that will give a balance of zero, but what would i write in the narrative column of the journal?

i am not sure if it is a misposting error or error of omission?



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    As this is just a journal narrative, don't kill yourself over getting the wording exactly right.

    It's not an error of omission, as it was posted, but in the wrong place. So it's a misposting error.

    If in doubt, I would suggest to just make a small statement. For example: correcting entry for carriage.

    I hope this helps.

  • nodgers1nodgers1 Feels At Home Posts: 31Registered

    yeah, i should learn not to get my self in a state and keep to simplicity!

    thanks for yr help
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