Passed FRA - Unit 5. What unit next ?

Hello everyone,

I passed the FRA - Unit 5 this weekend and am now just wondering whats the best thing to go on to ? Ive been having a look at professional ethics, but should i go for a unit more double entry/practical based while the skills are still at the front of mind ? unit 31 ?

I still have the following outstanding:-

Unit 15 - Operating a cash management and credit control system
Unit 6 - Recording and evaluating costs and revenues (Exam)
Unit 31 - Accounting work skills
Unit 32 - Professional ethics for Accounting Technicians

Any help would be great.


    NO BUSINESS CASE Registered Posts: 85 ? ? ?
    Well done Steve J I am just coming to end of the level (home study advanced certificate)and sat the exams as thus:-

    1/ FRA Unit5
    2/ Pro Ethics Unit 32
    3/ CCMC Unit 15
    4/ ECR Unit 6

    And now working on AWS having completed Unit 36 which is health and safety part and currently working on Unit 34 which takes in VAT returns etc.

    To me it depends on timings. Simply put professional ethics has been the easiest and quickest unit I have passed as there is not alot to the unit. Unit 15 is a bulky, wordy unit and is a lot of work to plough through and the sim was tricky but doable and is a great unit to pass!!
    Unit 6 ECR I really enjoyed but as I was doing the paper based exam I waited until November to start and completed most of the work in 4 weeks (working constantly) ready for Dec exam. (fingers x'd I have passed results of course Feb 16th). AWS seems fairly straightforward having completed all the other units for the level with nothing particularly new coming up that has not been covered in the previous units.

    Not sure if this has been much help but good luck whatever way you choose to go!

  • sharonj
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    Hi Steve

    My tutor has got me doing professional ethics now (I should have already completed it but am a bit behind), then I should be moving on to unit 31, followed by ECR (hopefully to take the exam around June time and finally after the June exam unit 15 cmcc roughly all to be completed around end of July.

    It may take me a bit longer than till July but I plan on taking the ECR by CBE anyway so there's no extreme pressure.
  • Marga
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    Hi Steve

    Congrats on passing FRA!!!! Well done!!!

    I have pending Unit 32 and Unit 15 (assuming i have passed FRA and ECR dec exams)

    I do like "hands on numbers" exercises, ie an area where i can do loads and loads of mathematical operations and ECR would just be that.

    I did Unit 5 and after that Unit 6.

    looking back at ECR exam in Dec i am glad that my mind was still fresh with the P&L's from Unit 5 as they asked about P&L exercise although it was within ECR syllabus

    I do believe that Unit 32 is a lot of reading (tried in december and had to park it)

    So next i am doing Unit 15 which looks a bit lighter and hopefully will be able to sit the simulation in March.

    I did unit 31 as part of Level 2 (along with Unit 30) and didnt like that much , yeah they teach you sage and so but to me it wasnt that interesting at all

  • nodgers1
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    Hi where can i find the CBE for unit 5 on the AAT website?

  • OlympicRudi
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    nodgers1 wrote: »
    Hi where can i find the CBE for unit 5 on the AAT website?


    The practice CBEs are here
  • steveJ
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    Cheers Rudi,

    I passed my FRA.

    Thanks for all the help with the answers for the practice.
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