Current Technician Syllabus

suej Registered Posts: 26 ? ? ?

I was hoping to study Unit 17 by distance learning in June as soon as the exams are over, but was wondering what is the latest date that I can enrol on this unit due to the syllabus changing later in the year? Any clues would be appreciated!



  • meibaker
    meibaker Registered Posts: 481
    this year? my tutor said aat will change the syllabol next june tho.
  • A-Vic
    A-Vic Registered Posts: 6,970
    we were told 18months from september last year
  • Lou1234
    Lou1234 Registered Posts: 210 ? ? ?
    My understanding is it changes in June/July this year and if you are already studying a level you get 18 months to complete your level under the old standards.

    If you go over the 18 months, you may have extra work to do to bring you up to the new standards.
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