unit 10 done!

lisniclisnic Well-KnownRegistered Posts: 141
all except final interview which is on wednesday!

i submitted my project plan on 27th dec, posted bound copies etc off last thursday and have had confirmation its passed as competent from assessor subject to final interview to complete the last 2 criteria on oral recommendations

very pleased and didnt find it that much of a chore really. worst part was mapping and staying within word count (im over by 700 but she is recommending higher word count as non of its waffle) really recommend that anyway trying to avoid this - dont!

ive started unit 17 and that is my focus this week and then onto unit 33 and 32 (hopefully all studied and the 2 skills tests done before baby arrives in 12 weeks!!)

the benefits of being on full time gardeners leave are paying off!

just got to pray for btc and dfs results now (think i messed up the gearing ratio on dfs though!)


  • messedup89messedup89 Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 1,281
    Well done on your report :)
    I hated doing that. I messed up on the gearing ratio aswell.
    Sat unit 17 on friday, was fine.
    Just waiting on DFS results.
    A bit worried about section 2 tho!
  • nabuttnabutt Feels At Home Registered Posts: 86
    congrats on completing

    i am doing my Assesment plan right now (also doing it from case study and area i choose is payroll ) and if i am nt wron u also did with case study of spartan builders??? i just need sum help if u can ...... what did u do abt the whole column of the documents we need to research ...... and can u giv me sum ideas of initial research...... i did write abt 7 8 of them but seems like they r not enough ......

    hope u reply
  • MurshedMurshed Just Joined Registered Posts: 3
    Congratulation with the MSP

    I have done mine from the case study and my word count did go over by a 100 words which my assesor said it was OK. I must say the mapping thing was quite a nitty gritty thing to do.

    Thank god my final interview went well just before christmas and my Statement of acheivement has been updated on AAT website.
  • crissycrissy Settling In Nicely Registered Posts: 24

    How long did it take you to get unit 10 done?
    I have just ordered mine but I also have 2 exams I would like to sit in June and am not sure if Im taking in too much.


  • lisniclisnic Well-Known Registered Posts: 141
    hi only just came back on here

    id need to go pull my assessment plan out and see what i put i think i just stated if documents were available or needed developed not sure?

    i submitted assessment plan on 27/12/2009 and had final interview wednesday 27/01/2010 so a month exactly! i posted off copies for marking before final interview on 19/01/2010 so have had a week of not actually doing work on it in that time too and obviously due to xmas/new year i didnt do work on it everyday either - i have been home full time though on gardners leave so not working which has been a huge advantage as i sort of am treating my studies as my job just now when im not shattered from being pregnant too!

    if you get your head down there is no saying you wont be able to do it but i also think your experience of writing reports and being familiar with research and business documents etc all helps too - i have a business degree so this wasnt a problem at all for me
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