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Morning All

Something a little bit different. My husband has degenerated discs in his lower back, they did operate on him last year but sadly the operation was unsuccessful. He has not worked for 2 years because of this and is now looking for a job. The difficulty is, he is limited in what he can do. He cannot do a physical job, he won't work in an office because of stress and pressure and knowledge and working in a shop is not an option either.

Any one got any ideas on what type of work he can do, as anything I sugest is wrong. I am trying to study but get distracted because he is very down as he has not got a job and then I feel guilty because I am working and studying instead of helping him. Ideally I would like hime to stop looking for work and maybe take early retirement but that is not an option to him. He is 52 in case that helps.

Many thanks for any ideas I receive.


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    tricky to help without knowing what his skills and abilities are.

    I'm sure you'r not looking for ideas finance related?

    Theres grants available for small business startups, along with advice. Might be worth trying those.

    What about things you could sell on ebay? Or services such as CV design, or if he has design skills theres marketing jobs that could be done from home?
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