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I need advice as I passed my AAT 4 years ago and now 4 years later I've not progressed very much into the world of finance or accountancy. I work as a administration assistant and have applied for a few jobs in the past that required AAT, but have been unlucky. I have not really got into CPD's only attended a few local branch meetings and found them interesting but above my head. I wish I was still in college where I could ask the advice of my tutor, and class mates but I'm not.

I do not know if I should carry on paying my subscriptions and being a member, as I'm so out of touch I feel I should probably do a revision course if there was such a thing,

I feel the only thing I could do is, enrol on a bookkeeping course or payroll course as my CPD.

I'm in my fifties and kinda of think I've missed the boat.

All advice would be appreciated to help me to end membership or not.


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    Firstly CPD does not have to mean going to meetings or seminars. I do the majority of mine through books, the internet, magazines and podcasts. Your choice whether to stay a member, but don't let CPD be the reason to give it up!
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    don't give up if you like it

    Don't give up if you enjoy what you do. CPD events are a brilliant opportunity to learn from your peers. Just because it seems above your head don't mean you can't have make a valuable contribution to a discussion!
    When I started out I read everything I could - AAT mag, PQ magazine, accountingweb - the more you read about the subjects the more fascinating it is!
    I used to bring a subject up that I had read about with people and get their opinions on it.
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