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I will be completing my Intermediate in June and will be looking to start work in accounting around then. I am presently non-teaching staff in a vocational college.

Ideally, I will work in my small market town in the Weald of Kent (so that I can walk to work). However, job availability will increase if I travel.

If I work locally, I have a choice of working for a small business or for a local accountants firm.

The issue!

I am not "hot" on people skills! That isn't to say I'm a social pariah, or that I am disagreeable to be around, but more that

a) I keep my head down and get on and do things (a plus point)
b) I dislike personal customer contact. (a minus point)

If I work in a small firm doing accounts work, I appreciate that there may be some customer contact, but on the whole contact will be through documents and phone.

But what about at a firm of accountants? I'm a little embarrassed to say that I do not know how they normally operate. If the senior staff do the "networking" with the clients, and the technicians are locked away in a back room somewhere (metaphorically speaking!), then that is a set up I would be happy with. But if each technician has a group of accounts they deal with, and they have to be the forward-facing face of the company for those accounts, I wouldn't be happy at all.

Anyone care to comment on how they work?



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    I would say it depends on the company. I work for a firm of Accountants and i've been working here nearly 18 months and i've only just started talking to clients really. I think if you gradually work up to it, it's fine. I hated talking to clients at first but i get more confident with each one i talk to and if they ask me something i don't know i tell them and then try and find out from someone else.

    Hope this helps.
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    Ive only just moved into an office environment from a production line! Which to say the least is a bit of a culture shock...different types of personalities, humour etc etc. When working with new people just ask questions. Get interested in the other people. Youll be surprised how much you will have in common with some poeple.

    Theres nothing wrong with getting ya head down and working, but sometimes you do need a bit of interaction.

    Remember ask questions and try to get interested in the other person. This should help break the ice !

    Remember youve always got this place for a chat aswell.

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