Unit 31 setting up Sage instant accounts

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Is anyone studying with Premier Training or using the Osbourne books. I've just had a look at the Osborne books and a look the installation books that come with Sage instant accounts. I am more than very confused!!

On the installation wizzard pop up it asks me if I want to go to the practice screens or I want to set up a new company name. It really doesn't tell me in the Osborne books what I should be doing about this. I want to know once I set up instant accounts in a certain company name does it mean it will remain like this forever?

I want to be able to use Sage for my husbands accounts (he is self employed) as well as using it to study unit 31.

Any help on the initial set up and starting this unit would be much appreciated.



  • Miss Dazy
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    Initially click on 'open your company accounts' and use this to start working though the examples in the book/

    To wipe it clean and start again, go to 'file', 'maintenance' and 'rebuild' in rebuild untick all the boxes this wipes sage clean for you to start all over.

    Hope this helps.
  • sharonj
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    Thanks Miss Dazy. I've had enough of it for tonight but will give it a go next time.
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