Skills test

I have done a number of skills test recently and i am very confused.

They haven't really been straight forward at all. Not really matching what was in the book. I passed both my FRA and ECR first time. But failed my first skills test.

My tutor seems to want me to get 100%, as after another skills test sent me "what he called additional questions" but was the same amount of questions as in the real skills test and then told me i got 2 of those wrong meaning once again i have failed.

After passing FRA and ECR i am really starting to get down about this whole process. Has anyone else got similar feelings?


  • Dipak Thanki
    Dipak Thanki Registered Posts: 135 ? ? ?
    Wow. I'm completely opposite.. I sat the ECR in November and will get my results next week, but I know for sure that I've failed as the paper was hard.

    Don't you do corrections to your skills tests? They are straight forward and like the next week the tutor gives you them back, to make any corrections so it's like almost certain that you would pass, well that's how it was with professional ethics. Currently doing Cash management and credit control, got the rest to finish of tomorrow as it's four hours and it's pretty easy, and I'll probably get it back to do corrections.
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