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I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to recommend software for SA tax returns, corporation tax and accounts preparation? I have been approached by a company called Keytime - has anyone got this software? I would really appreciate any advice offered....


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    Tax software

    I used PTP, then it was bought by Iris and the prices went up, so moved to Drummohr, then it was bought by Iris, now looking at BTC Software, have seen it demonstrated and it seems to do the job .... hope Iris hasn't heard of them!
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    VT and TaxCalc for me (also a former PTP user)..
  • burg
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    I did a trial of Keytime last year when I was looking to ditch PTP.

    The software was generally quite user friendly but a little clumsy in places. My main problem with it was non-editable Chart of Accounts. You could not change odd descriptions such as 'Sales, UK only' to just 'Sales'. I did query this with them and they said for everyone I wanted to change I would have to add a new code where it might fit. Not a great problem but I felt it along with the clumsiness in places was enough not to go with them, although it was quite cheap.

    I decided on Digita which in terms of usability is near that of Iris. Price compared to PTP was higher in year 1 but was considerably cheaper over two years (Digita have an extra charge in year 1). Really great integrated product that I won't be looking at changing anytime soon. Support when required has been fantastic with even support open on weekends in January for Personal Tax software issues.

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    Thanks very much for your responses - that's a great help.
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