Incorrect, but reconciled, transactions

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I have reconciled a transaction and realised afterwards, when reviewing Unmatched Items, that the wrong transaction was selected - it happened to be the same (very) odd amount.
Not sure of how to reverse this and whether, if I did, I can then reconcile with the correct transaction.
Sage Help not that helpful and my AAT tutor wouldn't commit.

Thanks for any help.


  • mini_schnauzer
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    Welcome to the world of SAGE.
    What version are you using?
    This happens alot to me - I find that if you select many transactions then click "Match Transaction" that the wrong transaction is selected - but if you do it one at a time it never happens. Very frustrating.
    Older versions of SAGE with the old style bank rec never had any problems, but since I have changed to Instant Accts Version 14 the problem occurs.
  • Mal
    Mal Registered Posts: 13 Regular contributor ⭐ ? ⭐
    What version are you using?

    I've got Sage50 Accounts 2009, V15.01
  • mini_schnauzer
    mini_schnauzer Registered Posts: 347
    I use quite a few different versions, but I notice that this problem happens from SAGE 50 Version 12 and SAGE Instant Accounts Version 14 onwards.
  • sdv
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    I beleive there is a function to unreconcille last bank rec statement. It may be listed in the help files

    alternatively go into maintenence and into the transaction number and untick/change reconcilled transaction status. I am note sure if it will allow you in the new version, but I have done this in the old version of sage
  • coojee
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    Don't know if you've already fixed the problem but what I'd do is delete the reconciled transaction (you'll get a warning message saying you're about to delete a reconciled transaction - just click yes or OK whatever the option is), then re enter it, then reconcile again and check the right transaction.

    Any help?
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