Unit 10 hand in date

Esme Registered Posts: 711 Epic contributor 🐘
I know most of you hate talking about unit 10 but... when does the final Unit 10 draft have to be submitted?

I was thinking about getting all of my exams over in June and then doing the project.. would this work?


  • Lyn32
    Lyn32 Registered Posts: 85 Regular contributor ⭐
    Hi Esme

    I'm doing mine on case study basis also I'm a distance learning Kaplan, they ask me when I want to finish it. I said I would like it done sooner so that I can concentrate my exams in June when I received my student pack. I was surprise because the date submitted is by June.So, actually they give me a lot of time but I've started my case study now and hoping that I can finish by the end of this month.I wait for my mentor to look at it and give me some advice if I'm in the right direction.

    I think it depends on your provider on how long it takes for you to submit.

    I hope this will help you.
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