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I have just got my taxation books for Personal and Business Taxation.

I really don't know whether to do them both in June exam sitting or whether to do them seperately.

I also have PCR and DFS to do so I was going to try to get PCR and both taxations done in June but after looking at the taxation books I'm not sure it is doable.

Can anyone offer some advise as to which ones I would be best sitting in june, I'm just lost now!!!!


  • umerali2003
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    better to do it together it will make more sense and you can draw your comparison whats happening on the personal and buisness side of the taxation i found it really help full doing both together
  • umerali2003
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    and adding to that there is one little problem some of my class mates when i was doing that found it difficult to cope both at the same time and end up mixing the rules of ptc and btc which is an easy mistake to make because you have to remember a lot of rules and regulations as long as you manage to create a balance it become fairly easy
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    Hi Umerali2003

    thanks for that.

    The outlook on btc and ptc seems to be that some people find it easy to do them together and others seperately.

    I'm just really stuck as to what to do as I have PCR and DFS still to do and possibly PEV if I fail.

    What I am thinking of doing is PCR and BTC in june and DFS and PTC in December then my unit 10 somehwhere in between.

    Do you think that would work?

    The reason I want to get everything done and hopefully passed first time by December is that I am getting married at the begining of December and I don't want to study after. I know that sounds silly.
  • umerali2003
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    well its not silly atleast you are setting a target to complete your studies take it as a positive move well actually its up to you how you feel comfortable i personally know some people who have managed to pass the techincian level all in one go including the project so it is possible i told you about my self that i felt comfortable doing together but some people dont
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    The other benefit to sitting both in June is that if for any reason you do not pass one or both, at least when you resit in December you are still working with the same finance act and will not need to learn new rules.

    I personally found them quite reasonable and managed to pass both, it was the first time i had sat two exams in the same sitting.
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