Private revision and group revision South Yorkshire

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I am offering weekend revision courses before the June/December 2010 exams
Sorry i can only offer South Yorkshire but if you are prepared to travel that's fine
I lectured AAT for 10 years with excellent results-well above national average
I also lecture CIMA
Why don't you try a weekend revision course or a one day revision
I know how frustrating the few weeks before an exam can be
If you choose a weekend revision course you can also have e-mail support the week before your exam for those last minute nerves

Siv Sockett


  • A-Vic
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    Can i ask your crudentials?
  • CJC
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    A-Vic wrote: »
    Can i ask your crudentials?

    Like being able to swear and tell dirty jokes?
  • Rinske
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    CJC wrote: »
    Like being able to swear and tell dirty jokes?
    That is very important...

    But what about the price charged per joke?
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