Problems with sage instant date settings


Can anybody explain how sage is setup around financial year date settings and 'current date' settings.

I set the financial year then go to enter an invoice and it either comes up with 'please enter a date inside the current financial year' or 'invalid date format'...

I dont get it. Ive followed my kaplan guide to the exact specs but sage blocks me with these error messages.

Please can anybody help?



  • Jan
    Jan Registered Posts: 654
    When you set up a company on Sage you set the financial year end date at what ever it is eg 31.01.2011. So if you enter an invoice and date it say 30.01.09 in error you will get a warning message - not in current financial year.
    The current date is todays date - usually.
    Invalid date format means you've probably miskeyed the date - eg 31.02.10
  • alexmitchell
    alexmitchell Registered Posts: 58 ? ? ?
    Hi Jan thanks for the reply

    Ive got it sorted now.

    cheers :)
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