Options at technician level

Can anyone help with explaining the course contents and benefits of the 4 options availble at Level 4... OCMC (Cash Management) IAP (Audits) BTC (buisiness tax) and PTC (personal tax)??

Much obliged!
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  • Rinske
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    Cash management: learn a lot about cash flow statements, credit control, cash handling and a little bit about investments. It's very useful to learn about cash handling and cash statements for if you work with it. It's nice to get some more knowledge about chasing debts and policies. Cash handling learns you that you should not leave money unused if you got too much and predict when you need an overdraft/ loan and explains a lot about the different way of dealing with it.

    Audit: learn the basics of an audit and how to perform one. Very useful to know the basics, if you continue with ACCA or just to get some knowledge about it. It can be quite complicated if you don't work in it though, although I found it not too hard, I haven't done the simulation yet, so it's hard to say.

    Tax and tax: learn a lot about tax, but I haven't done them, so I can't really say.

    Auditing and CMCC are both skill tests/ simulations, so easy to do when you are ready for them or use work based evidence instead, while tax and tax both have an exam, so you are set to do them in June or December of any year.

    Someone made a specific thread about the different options and units for the Technician level, but I can't remember the link, but it might be worth having a search on the forum!

    Hopefully someone can explain the tax units!

    Does that help?

  • Lilyflower
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    Thank you Rinske, this is useful and I will have a search for that other thread!

    Lily xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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