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hello everyone!

i'm puttin up a new thread to ask few questions regarding providing accountancy services being ACCA qualified.

I would like to know what services can we provide to potential clients. I would like to know what possibly is included in full set of accounts when someone mentions full set of accounts and how should one determine the cost of full set of accounts etc.

I would also like to know how can a practice provide "accountancy software training" and what benefits are there to the practice, as i see disadvantage in it that by you showing their employees how to run an computerised system, you are reducing the amount of work they could give you, meaning you gettin paid little for the little amount of work you're left with to do for the company - just left with auditing?

can someone explain all this?

thank you


  • Steve Collings
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    First off - have you got an ACCA Practising Certificate? If you have not then you will be heavily restricted as to what you can do. Without a practising certificate the ACCA will only allow you to do bookkeeping up to trial balance, so no accounts preparation, no tax returns - in fact nothing that a third party may place any reliance on.

    You would normally advertise services for accountancy software training and see what the take up is like.

    In terms of 'full accounts' - these are the published financial statements that are issued to the shareholders. Abbreviated financial statements are those which are filed at Companies House.

    I'm not sure if you have had any practice experience, but if that is not the case then I would be quite hesitant to set up a practice until you have gained the required experience.

    Kind regards

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    As far as software training goes, you'll need to make sure you - or someone you may hope to one day employ - are completely intuitive with all aspects of the software almost as much as the developers themselves. If a paying customer asks a technical question the trainer must know the answer. Bearing in mind there are multiple accounting packages out there, Sage and QuickBooks coming quickly to mind amongst several others, you'd also likely need multiple versions of the same software e.g. QuickBooks Pro 2004, 2005, 2006 etc.

    Any such person trained in so many different programs, as well as being an accountant, would also be a software specialist, probably one of the highest salary earners in any organisation and more likely choose to be self employed rather than work for anyone else unless you paid them enough!
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