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hi guys,

ive strayed into the mebmers area unbeknown what may happen for my uninvited intrusion :-0

i have the opportunity to take on 5 clients from an independant accountant who runs a small bookkeeping business from home, ive worked for him for a number of years more or less doing the bread and butter work until a year or so ago when he introduced me to self assessment returns and the accounts procedures involved. His clients are mainly sub-contractors and a few SME's and the offer of the clients has tempted me to go along the practice route working from home, could anyone offer any basic advice of the bigger picture if i did go into practice after completing AAT, im in my final year and have the opportunity to set up a small office at home. It seems a big step from being employed and as i have had a good long sit down and thought of the majority of implications such as financial strains etc im sure there are many many more things for consideration.




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    Hi Rob, Many of us have done just that or are in the process. If you have five clients then you're off to a decent start but that will not sustain you full time. What I am doing is gradually cutting my hours back at my day job while I gain clients, hopefully by this time next year I will be full-time self-employed (I can't take another January tax season having to work too!!)

    Search the forums, there's a lot of good advice on setting up/home office/what to charge.

    Good luck!
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