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Since starting back at college after the christmas break one of our tutors has been off sick - the college did get a replacement business studies tutor in to cover but he cannot do accounts at technician level so we are learning really basic costing (for unit 8) this is supposed to be a 4 hour lesson he has only been teaching us for either 1 or 2 hours, business taxation where do i start with this the tutor is an accountant but cannot teach - aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh try going over the units again at home but have given up - the whole thing is starting to make me feel sick now - just hoping the college haven't already paid for the exams in June cause i really don't want to do them


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    This is what the AAT fourms are for :)

    Many of us had tutors that are to be desired - probably most professsional way to put it.

    Also I understood fees for the exams were paid by the student to the AAT? Our college did not pay fee on our behalf. Registration I believe is during March / April for the June sitting (info will be on AAT website).

    If you are in a posistion to I would recommend going to a workshop that is being held by the tutors who are on this site. I have not been to one as in the SW & never been able to go, but I have used information that they have posted on the site and found it to be very helpful.
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    AAT teaching can differ in quality across the country.

    I dealt with a very poor college in my foundation year and decided to teach myself with the excellent Osbourne AAT books after that.

    I really symphathise with you because tuition providers receive a lot of money to provide courses.

    If you feel strongly enough about this then complain to the college in writing. If you get nowhere with that approach then write to the AAT, setting out your reasons why you think the tuition provider has failed.
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