Sage: Print of prior period reports

PortandyPortandy Settling In NicelyPosts: 15Registered

I have run year end in Sage but forgotten to print off Decembers reports.

Is there any way that I can print off last years reports trial balance, p & l for December and year.

Many Thanks


  • deanshepherddeanshepherd Font Of All Knowledge Posts: 1,809Registered
    Restore from backup?
  • sheelaghsheelagh Well-Known Posts: 133Registered

    Did you archive the data before your closed the year?
    If you did , you can open the archve data, which would take you back to the point before you closed the year.
    Go to File, Open, Company Archive.
    Similar to Dean's answer, but saves messing about with backup/restore and reduces the risk of accidentally added transactions to the wrong data file.
  • cobblescobbles Settling In Nicely North London WhetstonePosts: 30Registered
    You could print a transactional report - company-financials- reports- Profit & Loss Reports - Transactional enter date criteria.
  • sheelaghsheelagh Well-Known Posts: 133Registered
    Transactional P&L

    If you run the tranactional P&L it will include the ledger year end journal so all your P&L balances will be nil.
  • KecakKecak Feels At Home Posts: 50Registered
    If you're sure you haven't back-dated any transactions since running the YE option you could find the Ledger Year End journals and run the transactional P+L to the transaction number before the YE journals.

    Only works if you haven't back-dated anything though....
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