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This may be in the wrong place I'm sure if it is please tell me and I'll recreate, not a regular forum user!

I get my results next week. Its always been a life ambition to see the world. And from a little bit of research I understand that ACCA (chartered is my intended next route) offer training throughout the world.

Now despite ACCA e-mailing me back some interesting information it was more computer response than a personal response. SO I could really do with some advice and help if anybody knows anybody or has plans themselves to work abroad.

I am currently employed I have been throughout my AAT and I wont be revealing plans until anything clear is in front of me... will just cause too much confusion.

The things I could do with knowing is who to get in touch with, can I get sponsors, can I work in accountancy whilst I'm abroad because I may struggle money wise if I have no income! etc etc.

Any advice would be extremely welcome thank you very much.

PS despite my passion for seeing the world I have never quite grasped foreign languages


  • deano_162
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    not even a clue!?
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    I really want to go to France. My girlfriend is a dancer and she is 21 in April, so she's only got a "few years left" in the dance trade. France has lots of opportunities for dancers but I doubt there is much for non-french speaking accountants lol. I plan on doing CIMA if/when I go on to another course, rather than ACCA so no idea what position that would put me in either with regards to working abroad.

    p.s. Sorry I'm not really contributing to the thread or producing answers, it's just an interesting topic.
  • deano_162
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    No worries! Obviously a bit of advice for me would help anyone like yourself if that's what you're after too!

    Just thought I'd give this a bit of a bump obviously not many people will be interested in me going on on today of all days!! But lots more people come through the boards at this time of year so maybe someone who isn't regurlary on might spot it!

    Extremely nervous now! GOOD LUCK ALL!
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    I keep thinking what it would be like to work abroad to!!! Ive not got any ties or debt or anything Id just be worried about the difference in currency and laws etc .
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    Did you pass?

    Hard enough to get work at the moment, but if they think they are just funding your travelling it will likely make it twice as hard!
  • deano_162
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    I did indeed.

    I'm not asking for funding from anyone my eventual plan would be to study abroad through my own funding but continue to receive the experience in practice whilst out there. I'm not certain what I want I'm just hoping someone may have a friend or relative who ent down a similar route
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