AAT v Graduates Help!

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Hi all

I wonder if anyone can help. I am currently applying for a training contract to study the ACA qualification with a firm and in doing so will be up against graduate applicants.

About 9 months ago I read an article in a magazine which showed statistically students who first study and complete the AAT qualification did better in the professional exams than graduates, however I cannot remember which magazine it was or find the article.

The magazines I read are, Accounting Technician, Pass, PQ and CA.

If anyone has a copy of this article or could point me in the right direction as to where it could be found I would be extremely grateful.



  • Sonny_L
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    Why not contact the ICAEW? Perhaps they could help provide evidence.
  • C2XVT
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    It seems that graduates tend to get the nod over AAT students.

    It's ashame, but most ACA contracts look for 2.1 graduates, with no specified subject!

    A friend of mine did an Engineering degree and went onto ACA, whereas I wasnt able to as I dont have a degree :-(

    If you are offered an ACA training contract without a degree you should grab it with both hands!
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