SOCA reporting, help please


I am seriously considering having to report one of my clients using a SAR on the SOCA website.

I have not done this before and I have not yet registered on the website, my initial questions are.

Do I have to advise the AAT first, since they regulate me as an MIP?

I operate through a ltd company so is it me or the company that registers with SOCA?

Any support would be appreciated.



  • Rinske
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    I find this one very interesting, but got no clue on either of your questions! I would expect that your company registers with SOCA, but that's based on intuition, rather than anything else.

    Out of pure curiosity, why do you consider reporting them? Based on what details (as far as it doesn't fall under confidentiality) do you think they need to be reported?
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    Self employed since 1st April 2006 and employed people from day one, went over the VAT threshold in January 2007. Not registered for anything!!

    Client came to me in October 2009 and paid me an up front fee to start to sort this out. They were very convincing and said that they were aware that they owed loads of tax and were prepared to mortgage their property to pay this off. Ironically they were recommended to me and I know where they live so could not see any reason to disbelieve them and the nature of their work is contractual. I have other clients in the same line of work and so I know what is required.

    Everything is now registered, PAYE and VAT returns received and SA requests made needed to do are:

    3 x PAYE year end returns plus set up of currect workers onto payroll.
    1 long period VAT return to 31st December
    3 X SA returns

    From what I have here VAT alone will be in the region of £30K, now overdue as is unquantified amounts for IT, NI and PAYE

    However, I have written at least 6 letters requesting different information as the process has gone along and had several conversations saying that the information that I need will be sent. The last contact I had was a conversation 2 weeks ago regarding VAT and the client said that they would get back to me later that day. I did not hear from them and so confirmed our telephone conversation to him by letter the next day and have had no contact since.
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    I submitted a report on one occassion. You can submit the report either in your own name or the company, so make your own choice which to register under.

    I'm sure there's no requirement to inform the AAT, and I certainly did not. I guess that would breach confidentiality anyway.

    The procedure is to download the relevant form from the SOCA website and when completed it has to be posted to them. (Strange in view of everything being filed online these days)

    Nothing more was heard after submitting the report, and no acknowledgement was received. In your circumstances it's probably better to make the report and cover yourself.
  • Poodle
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    Thanks for your response BW

    Will have a go and see how I get on.
  • Poodle
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    I had some PM's on this and thank you to all of those who took the time to send their help and support.

    I have not been able to respond to some since the system did not allow me to but, you will know who you are and again thank you.
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