SuperModer - another dodgy user ...

anniem Registered Posts: 1,326

I have received 2 more dodgy private messages. This time from SuperModer.

[Dear, JJJ;Meg;anniem;judithc;elliewyn!

A ***** alert was noticed on your computer.
We highly recommend you to check your computer and perform online ***** check at our site immediately: [url]http:///url] REMOVED

If you do not pass this test* we will have to delete your account and forward a complaint to your ISP.
Forum Administration ]

Wish they would just bu**er off!
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  • Yazi
    Yazi Registered Posts: 225 ? ? ?
    I got one too from SuperModer....
  • truecockney
    truecockney Registered Posts: 94 ? ? ?
    Came in to 2 PM's this morning also.
  • Primble
    Primble Registered Posts: 734
    i got that one too but cant see where to delete
  • Lou1234
    Lou1234 Registered Posts: 210 ? ? ?
    There is a drop down box by 'move to' and one of the options is delete. Select the message you want and then put the drop down to delete then ok.
  • AK002
    AK002 Registered Posts: 2,492
    This apparently happens as they've found a few to get past the verification where you type letters into a box... There is a fix for it on vBulletin apprently but obvsiously the admin aren't too bothered about it... ;)
  • AatAbi
    AatAbi Registered Posts: 47 ? ? ?
    I had 2 messages as well.
    The sender is now (Banned)
  • Dipak Thanki
    Dipak Thanki Registered Posts: 135 ? ? ?
    Sender is banned now.
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