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I am trying my hardest to get going with the unit 10, however, everything I read seems to be related to working in an accounts department, purchase/sales ledger. I work for an accountant, there is only 3 people in the office, 1 who is a pa. I spend my days doing tax returns and company accounts, so I can't do it on an accounting function, can I pick one of the clients and recommend improvements on how they are keeping records, other then that I have know Idea.


  • Claire321
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    You can request to do the project on a simulation. I think it really meant for people who don't actually work in an accounts role. However I do work in account but will be using a simulation as I won't be able to get my boss/employers to sign it off!
  • dobbieobby
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    I did a bit on making the company I work for more 'green'
    You could look into that??
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