I passed!!!!.......AAT Qualified baby!!!

princess Registered Posts: 80 Regular contributor ⭐
Hey everyone
Did everyone get the results they wanted?? I was just waiting on a resit for PEV which i was 99.99% sure i failed but some how pulled it out the bag!!!! xx


  • Shar-ley
    Shar-ley Registered Posts: 28 Regular contributor ⭐
    Aww well done no didn't get the result I wanted for BTC but o well its not the end of the world!!
  • steveJ
    steveJ Registered Posts: 694 Epic contributor 🐘
    Nice one princess...All that work as paid off !!

    Sorry to hear that Sharley, but youll get it next time .....
  • mahdi87
    mahdi87 Registered Posts: 121 Dedicated contributor 🦉
    me too AAT Qualified baby!!!!! passed PEV
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