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Hi all,

I am currently studying City & Guilds Bookkeeping and Accounts level 2 (just completed level 1.)

I am certain I want to study the AAT course, but I am unsure as to whether I should just pay for it myself or wait and see if any trainee jobs arise which will fund the course for me.
I have sent my CV to all the accounting firms in my area, and one of them emailed back saying they take on an AAT/ACCA trainnee each year around May/June time so they will keep my details for that time. However, most of the firms take on A level graduates which is not the study path I have chosen. Will employers take the City & Guilds qualifications seriously?

Im in a dead end job which I hate and I really enjoying accounting and just want to get the ball rolling.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



  • jorja1986
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    Amy by contacting firms you are already getting the ball rolling.

    The only thing you can do is to keep applying for trainee jobs, if you dont have certain qualification level you can get govt assistance with funding. ( I am not sure of levels as I have not used this route).

    Many firms who have training contracts put in a clause that you have to work for x number of years before you are exempt from paying back any fee if you leave. (Only saying as colleague took training then decided she wanted to leave and had a nice bill on her doormat).

    Good luck in your job hunting
  • amyjayne27
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    Hi Jorja,

    Thank you for your advice. I just hope they wont look at my qualifications and think thats not enough, I really do not know how City & Guilds are seen in the accounting world, which is what I am trying to find out.

    If I do not hear anything from anywhere then I think I will just have to bite the bullet so to speak and pay for the course myself. Are you not supposed to already be in the accounting industry to do AAT though? If I do the AAT course whilst I am ay my current job, I am doing nothing to do with accounting and I am not sure I would be allowed to take the time off to do the course.

    It seems to be a catch 22 situation!!

    Thanks Amy
  • Jon_1984
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    Hi Amy

    Dont forget you should be able to get Govenment funding for one level two (foundation) and one level three qualification (intermediate) if you dont already hold an equivilent (e.g. A-levels) if you are under 25. You may need to ask your local college for details.

    Also have you considered working as an accounts assistant or similer within an industry/business setting as opposed to an accounting practice?

  • amyjayne27
    amyjayne27 Registered Posts: 314
    Hi John,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I have researched into AAT funding, and I can get funding for foundation level but I will have to pay a top up fee for intermediate level of £600 + VAT plus all AAT fees. I am willing to pay this, its just taking time off work in the week to attend the classes. I know I would struggle if I took the distance learning route; I need to be in a class enviroment with a tutor really.

    Thanks for you advise about working as an accounting assistant in an industry/business setting. This is very interesting and not something I considered; I will definately be looking into it. I am also very willing to do voluntary work, I would just have to do it after work on at weekends which is when alot of places are shut!

    Thanks again fpr all of your advice.
  • Rinske
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    Can you do the course in evening classes, rather than daytime, so you don't have to take as much time of work? This is not to stop you from taking the time off, but might avoid using all your holiday, just to go to class!
  • amyjayne27
    amyjayne27 Registered Posts: 314
    Hi Rinske,

    I would love to do the evening classes but the closest place that offers evening courses is more than an hour way and I wouldnt get there in time after work.

    Thanks, Amy
  • Rinske
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    Hi Amy,

    That makes sense. It's a lot of travel for an evening class, especially if you have to get back as well!

    I would suggest distance learning, but you already said that wasn't what you wanted.
    Another option is online learning (attending class via internet), but I haven't seen that at all for AAT yet. So I'm not sure if that is available.

    Hope you find some way to suit your need though, without loosing all your holidays!

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