how to finish!

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Hi everyone - I hope everyone got the results they were looking for!!

ive got a bit of a dilema now: as of this morning, i have passed everything except one optional unit..

But that obviously leaves one thing remaining :-( my college have washed their hands of me as i took a year out when my son was born.

How do i go about finishing off now?!!?


  • Rinske
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    Buy one unit from a distance learner or your local college.

    Just buy the one optional unit you want to do and if you do any of the taxes, you can do the exam in June or if you do Cash management & credit control or auditing, buy the skilltest when you are ready.

    Alternatively, you could just buy the books for one of those units and I think the BBP offers the skilltest only, without tutor support. In which case you could pick any of the optional units and do the skilltest or the exam.

    For the skilltests you need to buy it via a provider.
    For the tax units it's an exam and you can buy it from the AAT when you can sign up, those are in June, but I forgot which week.

    Without a tutor, you can still get (some) help here and google is your friend for any background information you might want!
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