Quickbooks Sales Revenue Qtr 1

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Hi all
I am used to using Sage, but need to ascertain the first quarter period sales revenue for the same quarter last year on a Quickbooks programme.

I have tried two reports which I thought would show the same figures but don't, just to double check the figures are correct.

In the "reports" tab I clicked onto "sales" and printed a report called "sales by customer detail".

I then clicked onto the "reports" tab, clicked onto "sales" and printed a report called "sales by customer summary".

The report gave very different figures, (I did double check that the dates were correct), and looking at the two reports there are customers missing from the "Sales by customer summary" report.

Please can anybody help me, I need to produce the correct figures!

Many thanks


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    Do you have one sales nominal code or lots?

    Can you run and P&L report for that quarter last year? Does this show the sales figures you require?

    If you only have one or a few you just run a quick report on that account for the dates you require. On the Chart of Accounts (nominal list) right click and select "quickreport" you can then enter the dates at the top of the screen. You can also modify the report to show the fields you require.

    If you've got lots though you would have to run them all add them together which would be a bit of a pain. However, you could export them all to a seperate sheet in excel and add them together on a summary page.
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    Thanks for your reply Claire

    I have printed a report for P & L for that quarter which shows the same figures as the report I did for "Sales by Customer Summary" on Quickbooks, which confirms which set of figures to use, but I don't understand why I have a different set of figures to the report "Sales by customer detail". I would have expected it to be the same, but with more detail?
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    Is it possible that some transactions have been posted directly to the sales codes (e.g via the bank) that have had invoices raised and therefore a customer assigned.

    It might be worth running a quick report on the sales code or clicking on the sales figure when your P&L report is on the screen to drill down for more details. Check the field "name" is selected by modifing the report if it's not already showing and see if there are any transactions which don't have a name, hopefully you'll see the names of all the customers by the majority of the transactions.

    The other other thing I can think of is if some of the data has been archieved it might not show on the sales by customer report.

    Hope that makes sense. Sorry don't have Quickbooks in fornt of me as we use Sage where I work now - so all from memory!
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    Many thanks Claire
  • jackieshepjackieshep Feels At Home Posts: 68Registered
    I have just had another look at both of the reports, and have noticed that the "Sales by Customer Summary" is reported on a cash basis, whereas the "Sales by Customer Detail" is reported on an accrual basis, therefore a difference in figures! :/
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    That's strange - I remember Quickbooks did have lots of little quirks!

    At least you found out why :001_smile:
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