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Finally I passed DFS

Frankie1976Frankie1976 Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 33
May I say a big congratulations to everyone that passed the December '09 sitting of DFS. I have finally passed this exam after 5 attempts. I was petrified of opening the e-mail yesterday incase it was bad news again. Am now on my way to becoming a 'MAAT'. What a relief!


  • keane155keane155 Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 404
    Congratulations!! :D
  • jesjes Just Joined Registered Posts: 2
    I know the feeling Frankie! I've just passed my DFS after 5 attempts! Started Technician level back in 2002, failed DFS twice that year - gave up and got on with life (husband, 2 youngsters, full-time work). Went back to college in 2006 to try again. Had to update skills tests due to a change in AAT standards and still failed DFS twice again. Gave up again - seriously considered a career change at this point. Went back to college last September ..... and now I've passed the blinking thing! Amazed, shocked, and ecstatic!!! Just got my project to finish and then I will be MAAT too! Proving to be a good year so far!

    Congrats to everyone who passed an exam - and to those who didn't ..... stick with it! It's worth it in the end!
  • Frankie1976Frankie1976 Feels At Home Registered Posts: 33
    Jes, Congratulations to you - bet you're glad you stuck with it now.

    Thank you keane155.
  • lewpylewlewpylew Well-Known Registered Posts: 216
    Wooo hooo well done : ) x
  • AmandaBAmandaB Just Joined Registered Posts: 2
    Frankie & Jes - Congratulations to you both!!!

    I have to admit having failed my 5th attempt on this December 09 sitting I was feeling very sorry for myself yesterday! But I've enrolled with Kaplan on a tuition & revision course so maybe June 10 is going to be my exam to pass!

    Thank you for sharing the details of how many times you have both attempted this exam - it's given me the determination I needed to get my head back down & get stuck in!

    Fingers crossed!
  • Frankie1976Frankie1976 Feels At Home Registered Posts: 33
    Hi Amanda,

    I'm sure you'll do it in the summer!

    Fingers crossed for you here too!

  • jesjes Just Joined Registered Posts: 2
    Hi Amanda

    I'm sure you'll be fine this time!

    I studied with Kaplan on this last occasion. They are great! Even though I didn't understand everything on the study days, I came away with their excellent study packs and some useful hints and tips on how to remember layouts for consolidation, cash flow recs, etc. Got my head down as much as poss, so when it came to the revision days I felt reasonably comfortable - even though I failed section 2 of the mock exam. This 'failure' gave me another kick up the bum to get my head down even more! Even while at work, I would set myself little tasks of quickly jotting down the steps for consolidation, or all of the ratio formulas before I made a drink, or allowed myself to go to the loo! Believe me, the more thirsty you are, or the more you need the loo, the quicker you get at recalling the correct information!!!

    Stick with it Amanda, and I'm sure June 2010 will be your time.
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