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Hi there, well done to anyone who passed their exams.

Just wondering if anyone knows of anywhere that publishes the aat pass rates please? iv noticed all the other accounting bodies detail ACCA and CIMA pass rates, but can't seem to find anything on AAT.

Any ideas would be appreciated!!

Thanks xx


  • Claire321
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    No AAT don't pass their pass rates. I believe the pass mark is adjusted for each paper each sitting, dependant on how well students do, so maybe a certain percentage have to pass each paper?
  • Bluewednesday
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    It depends on whether the op is asking about pass rates or pass marks.

    Pass marks don't get published.

    Pass rates are published a week or two after the results.
  • Andypandy
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    I came across this earlier, don't know how accurate it is, or when it was posted.

    news - Accountancy news for PQs (part qualified accountants). Exam ...Why can't CIMA release the examiners feedback earlier, its students want to know. .... For the full story see PQ magazine's latest issue AAT JUNE 2009 PASS RATES ... PEV - 66.4% PCR - 73.5% DFS - 67.9% DFSL - 66.7% BTC - 64.3% PTC -84.4% .... you wouldn't do it in a report to your manager, don't do it in TOPCIMA. ... - Cached - Similar

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