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Unfortuantely I failed section 2 of my business tax exam and after much deliberating I have decided to retake in June. I need to get the new books which cover FA 2009 but wanted some advice on studying for a retake as I have luckily never had to do one before.

Do you go right back to the beginning and make new notes or do you just go over your old notes and refresh your memory?

I want to start asap so I know this off by heart as I only need DFS to pass and finish AAT, but this is an optional subject I'd like to pass as I want to do ATT next.

My decision to retake has been made as if I pass business tax I am exempt from the business section core element on ATT saving me time and about £400 in course fees.

Any feedback much appreciated : ) x


  • jorja1986
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    Personally I found starting agin was better for me. I took a resit where I just went over old notes and made exactly the same mistakes and failed.

    I resat again after creating new notes and crib cards and passed.

    It depends entirely on what your preference is.

    Hope this helps and good luck with your resit.
  • lewpylew
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    thanks - I think that's what I will do but just wanted to see what others thought x
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