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Just completed the foundation units through distance learning with kaplan, and looking to sit intermediate in June.

I was thinking of taking evening classes as figured with the short time frame the tuition would really help, that being said the price difference is massive so would rather stay distance learning and save the cash!!

I didn't struggle with any part of foundation, but am willing to pay the extra dollar for tuition if it would be required to have a chance of passing in June.

I just wondered how much of a step up in skill level the intermediate is? And if anyone who had a similar experience could advise on how they found it in comparison to foundation.



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    Its harder.. But you're building up your skills as you go along, so relatively the hardness may not be so apparent.
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    I did foundation intermediate in a September to June period as a full time college course. Now don't let that scare you because "full time" translates to "16 hours a week" and I did no work what so ever outside the class room.
    I don't really remember it getting much more difficult at intermediate but where you might come unstuck is the ECR paper which is where costings begins (leading to PEV and PCR at Technician). But the way I see costings, if you were any good at maths at school it should come quite naturally as you see where to work things out without thinking too much about formulas etc.
    I'd take a look at some costings papers and questions, if you think you can pick it up quite easily then I wouldn't worry about Intermediate too much, considering you sailed you through Foundation.
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    i did prepare FRA and ECR in 6 weeks before the december exams by the crappiest distance learning provider with no tutor help whatsover and the books full of mistakes. i do work 9:00 to 5.30pm so i had to study at night and weekends ...(i also had a break of 5 days for my honeymoon in scotland) i dedicated myself to learn the topics and do LOADS of past papers

    Then you have Unit 15 and Unit 32 which are just simulations and to be honest dont look that hard ....

    So my summary is IT CAN BE DONE if you have determination!!!!!

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    I came in at Intermediate having sat other exams (work for a law firm so the exmas were partnership based) so FRA was straight forward for me as had covered all of it previously.

    Like Marga ECR I covered in 4 weeks literally opened the book 01st November and took the exam 30th November but worked so bloody hard was untrue!!!!

    Unit 32 Pro ethics is straight forward just common sense really and is a good sim to do whilst waiting for June/Dec paper exams as can be done in a month.

    Unit 15 is bulky, with a lot of ground work involved to get yourself ready for the sim! Also seemed to me quite a wide area that was covered in the exam and is basically far more of a challenge than unit 32 in my opinion!

    I am distance learning with BPP and have just followed the text books and the forum to get all the info required!
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    Thanks guys, will stick to distance and get cracking, good luck with it all.
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