Unit 10??

blods Registered Posts: 3 New contributor ?
could really do with some help on ideas for this report??

atm i was thinking of the lack of staff in the tax department but dont know if thats too small? or rubbish topic?

any tips/ideas would be helpful?




  • speegs
    speegs Registered Posts: 854
    Sounds like a good idea. Not too small i think. Because from this you can look at the lack of segregation of duties from not having enough staff. You could look into the legal aspects of recruiting more staff. You could look at the idea of outsourcing your tax work. This sounds like you have a good idea for a project.

    Once you have looked the issue of staff you could also look at the software needed to help run the tax department and then when recruiting staff try and find those with that software knowledge.

    Hope this helps.

  • blods
    blods Registered Posts: 3 New contributor ?
    Thanks thats great :)
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