Unit 10 - Accounting Function (help please)

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Need some help here please.

Confused as to what I write in this area? Do I discuss all the accounts department features, i.e. purchase ledger, wages, nominal, credit control etc. OR do i just write about the area that I am writing my report on, which is credit control?

I don't know how to introduce the segment either. Do i mention all the members of staff in the accounts department or just the ones that have input with credit control?

very confused and can't speak to tutor til monday and i'm meant to have a fully completed 2nd draft by then! argh.


  • mrspnut
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    Just the area you are writing your report on and I have reported the process in bullet points describing the actual functions at each stage.
  • Student101
    Student101 Registered Posts: 2 New contributor 🐸
    thanks very much. anyonelse who wants to add to this reply feel free, more info the better.

    I read a finished project a couple of weeks ago and wrote notes on it but i have no access to these notes at the moment and wanted to get this bit done. however i was wracking my brains out at how to write it and what exactly to mention.

    at least you've now directed me.

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