Unit 10 project help!

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I have no idea where to start on my Project. I work in a Purchase Ledger department. any ideas?


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    jenny0327 wrote: »

    I have no idea where to start on my Project. I work in a Purchase Ledger department. any ideas?
    Any weaknesses in the system where the authoriser will also receive the goods? Is there a lot of paperwork that could be streamlined by doing it on the system instead? Are purchase orders always authorised and for the right amount? Do all delivery notes get to you in time, do they get signed?

    What you got to ask yourself, is there someway to improve the purchase ledger department and if so, how?

    It's very hard to say here if there is an option or not, as we can't see your current processess!
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    Unit 10

    I am about to start my project and was thinking of doing it on putting in a credit card machine so that payments could be made at time of order and reduce debts, rather than getting cheques and cash upon delivery.
    Does this sound like an idea worth persuing or do you think i should re think????
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    is the unit 10 on managing people and process' if so i think you have a good one nsc.

    Good example of both imo
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    Unit 10 Case Study!

    Hi guys!

    I wonder those of you, who do the case study have an interview with your tutor and in what base the interview for?

    I am struggling big time on mine, I have use my 4000 words limit but I am not confident if I cover all of the cretiria.

    Is anyone doing the same (case study) and has been signed off, I appreciate if you can share ideas? My concern is if I fail this, because I did not cover all the needs in the report. I can't accept it really!

    I am about to request the two units left but I would like this unit 10 to be done but I really don't know how! In my case study they ask me to report the five of the staff and rescheduling their training which I did in depth details my concern is I felt that I haven't done enough.

    Any advice or opinion would be appreciated!

    Many thanks in advance.
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