A revision day with no teaching

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I have read with some interest that some students would like to have detailed feedback on their exam performance.

I'm not offering that. In fact I see the exam as the final point after the preparation.

What I'm offering is a day of very hard work, not just for me but also for the exam candidates who attend.
I'm offering to take over a venue in your neighbourhood and run a day of exam question practice. At this stage PEV PCR MAC and ECR candidates are invited to attend.

You would turn up with your knowledge in your head, take a question and attempt it.
Then you'd give it to me to mark and take a second question while I'm marking. Then you'd get your marked answer back when you collect your third.
The day would be question after question, aimed at spotting any gaps in your knowledge/answering techniques.
I would do my best to give you clear individual feedback on your answers which you can take away with you and use as a way to focus your subsequent revision.

No I won't be standing at the front explaining any of the topics in the syllabus.
I'll have a table and a pack of red pens to give feedback and be marking most of the day.

Hopefully this sort of revision will help your exam preparation, and improve your subsequent exam performance.

When? and where?

Where:anywhere we can gather a viable number of students, I can travel

When: I'm booked up for weekends in May, weekends in April and March are available

Price: This is my first attempt at this so numbers don't need to be very low (I'll look at a limit of 30 so I have time to give good feedback to the answers.) £70 per person per day

So I suppose my title, no teaching is a little tongue in cheek. The teaching will be individualised feedback.
If you are interested, please email me rather than responding on the thread.
What I'd like to know at this stage is
  1. where you are based
  2. whether you are able to attend midweek or just weekends
  3. the units you'd like to practice (remember I'm limiting this to PEV MAC PCR and ECR)


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    Kaplan do similar to this and i've been on one for each exam i've sat and i must say it is the best way to bring what you've learnt into exam conditions/questions... really good!
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