Business Tax or Personal Tax or Both?

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Hello all,

In June I will be sitting PCR and I can’t decide whether to do Business Tax and/or Personal Tax as my optional units. I have already completed the Audit unit and the simulation for unit 15 is this week!!

At the moment the college has put me down for all three in June as I was undecided. I still have got Unit 10 to do as well. Not sure if all three will be achievable as they all start in March. Has someone done all three at the same time and did they find it tough?

I would like to go on to study ACCA afterwards, so does anybody know which would be more relevant for ACCA? Or another way to look at it would be to study the easier out of the two.

Any advice would be very much appreciated

Thanks in advance


  • lewpylew
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    I took both tax papers in December - I failed business tax on section 2 and passed personal tax.

    Out of the 2 personal tax is a lot easier as it's a smaller syllabus. I found doing both parallel to each other was a bit confusing and just struggled to study with working f/t & having 2 little children. If I had my time over again I would have just done business tax in December and would have done personal tax in the summer with my DFS exam.

    I know that business tax will give me an exemption on one of the core elements of ATT which I'd like to do next, but personal tax won't.

    Good luck with your decision x
  • Frankie1976
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    Is it necessary for you to both tax exams for you to complete AAT? If it isn't then in my opinion I would only do the one taking into account that you have done the Audit & Cash Management Skills tests. If you decide to only do the one, there is no harm in sitting in the class during the other. My advice would be to speak with your tutor and then decide. Three exams in one week can be done (having done four in one week), try and get your Unit 10 project out of the way as soon as possible, that will only be a distraction later on.

    Best of luck on your decision.

  • AK002
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    You shouldn't need to do any more exams/skills tests after PCR presuming you've done PEV...

    You only need to pick to options and you've fulfilled that with OCMC and the audit sim...
  • Esme
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    completing more units will not gain you any more exemptions from ACCA.

    For technician you have to do 4 compulsory units- PCR, PEV, DFS and Unit 10 and 2 optional units out of audit, Personal tax, business tax and cash management.

    Sounds like you don't need to do either of the tax units.
  • NAJC
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    i took both in december and failed business tax but passed personal tax. for me it was alot more enoyable and i found it easier :). good luck.
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