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Hi hope someone can help, I have completed Intermediate stage however i have been made redundant and am unable to afford to pay for Technician stage myself. Is there any way i can do Technician stage independently and sit the exams by applying through AAT (i completed intermediate through System Group in Carlisle). If this is not viable could anyone suggest a cheaper way to complete this stage maybe by distance learning.



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    Firstly, bad luck on the redundancy - big sympathy vote for you.

    Secondly, Yes, you can do as you suggest.

    You will need to book to do unit 10 with someone. However, as long as you choose examinable options, not simulation options, I can't see why not.

    You have the three core units which are examinable; DFS, PEV and PCR.

    Also of the option units you have two examinable; both taxes - BTC and PTC

    The other two units Cash Management and Credit Control, and Implementing Auditing Procedures both rely on simulations, which would obviously need to be assessed by someone.

    I am doing distance learning, however I work with the book and past papers online and you can do most of it by yourself with help from the bods on this 'very helpful' forum.

    It is the least expensive way of doing it, the only downside is the lack of help if you really need to have something explained as it's easy to misunderstand reading from a book sometimes. But, like I said before, use the forum.

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    You can certainly just buy the books, pay for the exam with AAT and study yourself for the units where there of just exams (units 8 PEV, 9 PCR, 11 DFS) and business tax unit 18 & personal tax unit 19 if you choose these optional units. Whilst some of the material might be a little difficult, you can just do lots of practice questions and work through past papers. You can also use the forum for advice should you need any, as many students do.

    I have found a good place to buy books online is premier training:

    If you choose the options units 15 Cash Management & Credit Control or/and Unit 17 Auditing, these are assessed through simulations, so you would need to use a training provider to sit these, although you can just purchase separate units.

    Unit 10 - The project, you need a training provided for this and this will probably be the most expensive unit.

    Hope this helps

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    I've answered a similar query in this thread: http://forums.aat.org.uk/showthread.php?t=26149

    Hope this helps and sorry to hear about your redundancy.
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    I'd say it's better to do Diploma path instead of NVQ... which means there's only 2 complusory exams (MAC + DFS) instead of PEV & PCR aswell as DFS.

    This thread will show your other options you need to pick...

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    I forgot to say that you can sit your exams as an external (self-study) entrant at System Group Carlisle - I know this because I have done it for all four of my Diploma level exams.

    I also agree that the Diploma route is the way to go for self-study.

    Nice to see a fellow Cumbrian on the forums, if you need any other help just let me know.
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