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Does anyone out there have any templates for some real basic accounts.

I'm trying to build myself some at the moment, based around a sales & purchase day book, a tab for journals, a bank GL acount and a trial balance.
I'm then trying to feed the TB into a basic P&L and Balance Sheet.

Does anyone have anything to hand they wouldn't mind sharing. I'm getting somewhere with what I'm building but wondering whether I'm going about it the right way.



  • Scalloway
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    Excel setup

    I haven't got a blank template handy but how I set mine up is a page for each ledger, ie Purchases, Sales and Cash Book. Additionally I may have a page for accruals. The totals for each page is then linked to the Extended Trial Balance (ETB).

    The ETB is set up as an extended trial balance with columns for opening balances, ledgers & cash book and adjustments. The adjustments column is what I use instead of Journal Entries, either referencing a page such as Fixed Assets for depreciation, or with adjustments directly entered with comments for narrative. The final column is the cross summed total for entries.

    As a check the debits and credits in each column should equal zero.

    The P&L and Balance Sheet reference the total column of the ETB. Some lines may come from more than one ETB figure.
  • lmiddleham
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    I've managed to build something thanks along the lines of what Scalloway said.

    Pages for Sales & Purchases and a Jourals tab which feeds into a bank account (as there are no credit purchases or sales)

    These then feed into an ETB, which in turn feeds into a P&L and Balance Sheet
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