DFS Claymore Ltd

sunshine2010 Registered Posts: 45 💫 🐯 💫

does anyone have the answers to claymore ltd ?

It is relating to ias 16.

It is to do journals,income statement and statement of financial position. Also a disclosure note and change of equity statement ?

Any help would be appreciated



  • flower
    flower Registered Posts: 160 🎆 🐘 🎆
    I think I may have this in my study notes. Will have a look when I get home.
    If you wish to send me your email address I will forward to you if I do have it.
  • sunshine2010
    sunshine2010 Registered Posts: 45 💫 🐯 💫

    That would be really helpful..Want to see if iam at least on the right path/

    I will private mail you my email.

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