Making and correcting mistakes

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I recently made an error in a client's financial statements, and noticed it after sending them the draft, but before anything had been signed or filed. (Even after following my usual policy of completing the accounts, then leaving them until the next day to review before publishing.)

Obviously, I'll be correcting it and re-sending to client, but I just wondered how everyone else deals with making mistakes.

Any tips for confessing to client, or dealing with own stupidity would be gratefully received.



  • Anne Boleyn
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    Hi D

    Can you give us some idea of the nature of the error?

    Please don't forget that everyone makes mistakes but it would depend on what the mistake was as to how I might approach the client.

  • Dcollins
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    Thanks Anne

    I calculated deferred tax, but forgot to include it in the first draft of the financial statements (for limited company). Didn't notice it was missing when I sent the draft accounts to client for approval.

    Have sorted it out now, and the directors seem happy, so job's done.

    I think I just needed to get it off my chest last week. But I am curious as to how other people deal with these things.

    Thanks again
  • Monsoon
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    Dcollins wrote: »
    But I am curious as to how other people deal with these things.

    I **** myself, have a flush of panic, then make a cup of tea and realise there are far worse things in the world. All in the space of about 5 minutes :)

    If I can correct it on the quiet I will (working on the theory that we are all human and make mistakes from time to time, and in the interests of clients confidence, if they don't need to know, why tell them?). However if it's an obvious change I will of course fess up (having chosen my wording carefully) and deal with it.
  • Jon1
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    I would call it an oversight rather than an error when explaining to the client
  • lorraine
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    yes would agree everyone makes mistakes and if I can make a change with out the client knowing then there not a problem, but if it means telling the client to put things right then it has to be done. It is like you want the earth to swallow you up, but then like monsoon says there are a lot worse things that could happen!
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