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OMG Consolidated Accounts are a Nightmare! (I have reread the Chapter twice in the Osborne Book and it still doesn't make sense.) That Chapter feels like a whole book I need to learn.

I am not enjoying DFS at all. I thought I might get into it after a while but there is so much to get your head around I am starting to think I am out of my depth with this one!:confused:

I had an email from Steve in January when I started DFS and he said not to panic as DFS is a hard subject to learn and that things will eventually click into place a few weeks before the exam. I just hope he is right or I am goosed!


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    It will trust me
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    You need to make sure you are structuring your study in a logical manner. When I am talking to students I have three 'tiers' of consolidations:

    Tier one = foundation
    Tier two = intermediate
    Tier three = technician

    Lots of students try to go striaight to 'intermediate' consolidations (i.e. trying to deal with more complex consolidation adjustments) without getting a sound grasp of the issues at the foundation tier. Try to do as many tier one consolidations until you get bored to death with them. Then move onto the tier two lot and introduce yourself to more complex consolidation adjustments. Then move on to tier three which is essentially examination standard style consolidations.

    Keep going at the question practise. I would not expect any DFS student at this stage to be able to roll off a consolidated set of financial statements at this early stage in the studying process.

    Kind regards
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