Another question sorry!!

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Hi all, sorry for another question from me, but I have been looking at doing voluntary work to get some experience, and iv found a volunteer role for a treasurer.

I am currently studying City & Guilds level 2 accounting & bookkeeping after recently completing level 1 and then will study AAT.

What I want to know is, what is the exact role of a treasurer and am I qualified enough to give this a go?

Many thanks


  • Jan
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    The answer to your first question is that it depends what they want you to do! Depending on its size, you may have to keep the books, pay in the cash, pay suppliers/ wages if there are any staff, produce basic income and expenditure accounts.

    I started as treasurer for my childs playgroup with no formal qualifactions, although I had worked for a bank so knew how to reconcile a bank account properly (unlike my predessor). I later became treasurer of our local church and am still treasurer for a motor club - once a treasurer always a treasurer! For the church I produced quite complex I&E accounts - you get into the realms of restricted and unrestriced funds - which were then indepently examined by an accountant. The motor club is Ltd Co so I do the books and then hand over to an accountant. What I am trying to say is, that you could be asked anything and yes you probably have enough knowledge - and what you don't know have the means to find out if you are studying.

    They will welcome you with open arms - finding a good treasurer takes some doing, most people have a fear of looking after someones else's finances!
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