VAT inspection

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My client who runs a deli is having a VAT inspection next week. They seem adamant that they want to carry out the inspection at the deli, despite my client telling them that it's a tiny shop with no space for a desk of any sort. They're coming on Monday which is the day of the week which she closes the shop so at least there'll not be any customers, but it seems a bit crazy for them to insist to do it there where there's so little space.
Has anyone encountered this before? Do you think they are more interested in checking her prices & stock selection etc to verify the way we've calcluated the VAT on sales?


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    Vat Inspection

    I think you should ring the Vat office and state that the paperwork is held at your office and any queries can be answered by you. The Vat inspectors are entitled to visit your site and do what ever checks they want. Be strong
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    VAT Inspection

    I have found that VAT inspectors are becoming more insistent that they visit the actual business premises. I suppose this makes sense really.
    One of my clients recently failed to convince the inspection booking team that it was impractical to carry out an inspection in his workshop - no paperwork, no computer, much dust and dirt, very cold and damp, no seating, no desk. The inspector made his visit, talked to the client for the usual half hour "interview" then called me to arrange to carry out the inspection in my office.
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