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Hi all,

I'm really confused with DFS as regards to notes to limited company accounts.

Is there a specific order for the notes and if so, how on earth do you remember them? Do I just use the notes to clarify how I have calculated items in the accounts and include specifics for accounting policies. My textbook isn't particularly helpful.

Thanks in anticipation.



  • Steve Collings
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    I cannot see the examiner asking you to reproduce a full set of notes to the financial statements simply due to time constraints.

    I can see the examiner asking you to reproduce (say) the non current assets reconciliation, or ask you about related party disclosures (IAS 24), or segment disclosures (IFRS 8) or accounting policies (IAS 18) and such like. I wouldn't be too concerned about the order the notes follow in a published set of financial statements. Instead I would be more concerned about the disclosures required by Companies Legislation or IFRS/IAS.

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