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What does everybody think about this Body?

I asked my boss who didnt know who they were. Have been looking into joining them but they seem more geared up to self employed people than people in industry and practice.


  • Rinske
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    I haven't heard of them before at all either.

    But a quick look on their website said about the qualification:
    The IFA qualification of ‘Incorporated Financial Accountant’ provides anyone working as a professional accountant, particularly in new and expanding SMEs, with access to a reliable and well-recognised professional body. Membership is equally appropriate to employed and self-employed accountants.

    Which would make me guess they focus more on the industry/ accountants working in SME's.

    Quote stolen from http://www.ifa.org.uk/about-us
  • welshboy
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    I think I'll leave joining these :)
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