Pass or fail the course?

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Hello all,

Here is my situation:

I completed my Audit unit last year.
In December I have passed my PEV and DFS exams.
I took my CMCC Simulation yesterday and think I have done enought to pass - fingers crossed.
Making good progress with Unit 10 - Should be completed soon.

In June this year I will be sitting the PEV exam which is cumpulsory to pass the course and I am also sitting BTC, which is an optional unit that I have decided to do.

My question is that if I pass PEV and fail BTC, or vice versa (pass BTC and fail PEV) would I still pass the course and get my certificate as I have already gained my two optional units?


  • taskey
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    if you pass PEV, i would think you would pass the course as you have completed the compulsory and optional units.

    hope that helps

  • blobbyh
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    salfordman wrote: »
    In June this year I will be sitting the PEV exam which is compulsory to pass the course

    Maybe I misunderstood but you already answered your own question here if you fail PEV.
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