Does anybody know how many UCAS points the old 'O' Levels were worth?

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Hi folks, I was wondering if anybody could help me with this one. I took O levels in 1987, & don't seem to be able to find their UCAS points value anywhere. I've seen GCSEs mentioned, but remember the uproar in 1988 regarding the difference in levels. I'm pretty sure that when I took my A levels in 1989 they were only worth something like 10 points each - that can't be right, can it? (My old violin exam passes are worth more than that apparently). ACA are asking how many points I have, & I can only honestly include 160 points for passing intermediate level & 15 points for a music exam!!
Any help would be very much appreciated, Thanks, Andrea:)


  • Bookworm55
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    I don't know that your O-levels count for UCAS points. I think your A-levels still should.

    When I did my A-levels (which was only 2001), they were indeed worth around ten points each (10 for an A, 8 for a B, 6 for a C and so on). But they get converted to the new system which is 120 for an A, 100 for a B, 80 for a C and so on, so I have 280 points under the current system.

    No-one seems to like me adding my 160 points for AAT intermediate to 280 for regular A-levels to make 440 though. And doing more A-levels don't often get counted either, so you can't boost your score up that way either.
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    Thanks loads, Bookworm - I'll just state 300 for the A levels then. I googled through pages & pages & got pretty fed up with no solid answers & being referred to as an 'old person'.
  • Andypandy
    Andypandy Registered Posts: 526
    On second thoughts, it took me over 4745 hours of practice over 13 years to get 15 points for that violin exam, so I'm flippin' well gonna include it!
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